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+10 driving skills and I never want to see a sign marked "scenic route" again in my entire life.
+1 totally awesome girlfriend who can't stop making terrible puns and I hope she never does
+1 extremely sweet LED 42' TV that I  have only used to play Asassin's Creed Brotherhood and I may or may not have gotten mostly so Brotherhood: Revelations looks properly amazing

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Random: Melon heads make it all better

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SO, my mother had her right knee partially replaced. I wasn't worried about the surgery. Between my mother and I, we've had... what... six operations in the last three/four years? We're on a first-name basis with this surgeon and his assistant by now.

But then everything kind of went wrong. Not in a dramatic way, really, just that I was modeling when Mom went into surgery and I developed a bad migraine during it, but couldn't take medication because I had to drive home, about fifteen miles. And then when Mom came out of surgery and woke up from the general anesthesia she had a rather violently bad reaction to it. As in puking up her guts for the next day and a half. 

So she was in pain and very nauseated, and I was in pain and very nauseated, and it was generally not a good time. Or a good night. Because knee surgery, couldn't walk, so on and so forth, so I acted as the world's worst nurse. She says I was great but trust me, I kind of sucked.

SO THAT'S WHAT'S BEEN UP. A LOT OF VOMIT. Aren't you glad you read until the end of this entry?

Things are much better now, by the way. Neither of us are puking anymore and she has strong painkillers so she's not in much discomfort. Tomorrow we are going to start marathoning the new Dr. Who.